Loan Service Charges
Loan Service Charges w.e.f 01/07/2020
No. Type / Nature of Service Service Charges
1.1 Loan Processing Charges
1) For all type of loans = 0.75% of Loan Amount + GST (Maximum GST upto Rs. 7.50 lakhs)
For New Borrower Processing Charges = 1% of Loan Amount + GST
2) For Adhoc Limit = 50% of processing charges + GST
1.2 For Cash Credit Accounts
Only Renewal = 0.25% of Loan Amount + GST
For Additional Limit =1% of additional limit + GST
Cashcredit 1st extention - 2000/- + GST
Cashcredit 2nd extention - 5000/-+ GST
Varadhast Extention – 1000/-+GST
2 Loan Form Fee  
  For Salaried Persons Rs.300-/
  For Others Rs.500/-
    No Form Fees for ad hoc limit and Preliminary Acceptance
3 Loan Proposal Preliminary Acceptance
Upto Rs. 75 Lakhs - Nil Above Rs. 75 Lakhs - 0.05% ( Maximum upto Rs. 10,000/- + GST )
If the proposal is accepted these charges will be adjusted in processing fees.
If the proposal is rejected these charges will not be refunded.
4 Bank Guarantee Charges  
4.1 Bank Guarantee Processing Fee  
  For Deposit Margin 25% 50 % of Loan Processing Fees
  For Deposit Margin 50 % 25 % of Loan Processing Fees
  For Deposit Margin 100% 10 % of Loan Processing Fees
  If B.G. is issued through other bank, charges of Issuing bank will also be applicable.
4.2 Bank Guarantee Commission  
  For Deposit Margin 25 % 3 % p.a.
  For Deposit Margin 50 % 2 % p.a.
  For Deposit Margin 100% 1 % p.a.
  Commission of full period (including claim period) will charged at the time of issuing B.G.
 4.3  Bank Guarantee Amendment Charges  Rs. 500/- + GST per amendment + Actual charges of other bank
   Bank Guarantee Cancellation Charges  Rs. 500/- + GST per BG ( At the time of cancellation of BG commission will be based on quarterly basis)
5 GOLD LOAN Charges  
5.1 Gold Loan Processing fees Rs. 50/-for Principal Amt up to 1 Lac
Rs. 100/-for Principal Amt above 1 Lac
Gold Valuation charges as applicable
5.2 Gold Loan Custody Charges (Quarterly)  
    Rs. 100/- up to Rs. 50,000/-
    Rs. 300/- From Rs. 50,001/- to 1,00,000/-
    Rs. 500/- From Rs. 1,00,001/- to 5,00,000/-
    Rs. 1,000/-above 5,00,000/-
  Custody charges will be applicable per quarter and part thereof

Bank has right to apply custody charges based on the Gross Weight of the Gold pledged.

6 Letter of Credit (L.C.)  
6.1 L.C. Amendment Charges Foreign L.C. Rs. 1,000/- per amendment +Charges of agency bank
Inland L.C. Rs. 500/- per amendment + Charges of agency bank
  If L.C. is issued through other bank, charges of Issuing bank will also be applicable.
6.2 L.C. Confirmation Charges At site L.C.0.15 %Min. Rs. 500/-
L.C. Up to90 days period 0.15 % Min. Rs. 500/-
L.C. above 90 days period 0.65 % Min. Rs. 500/-
Telex / Postage etc. at actual.
  If L.C. is issued through other bank, charges of Issuing bank will also be applicable.
 6.3  L.C. Processing charges
   For Deposit Margin 25%  50 % of Loan Processing Fees + GST
   For Deposit Margin 50 %  25 % of Loan Processing Fees + GST
   For Deposit Margin 100%  10 % of Loan Processing Fees + GST
 SFMS, Bill retirement and bill lodgement charges will be applicable depending upon other bank charges + GST.
Acceptance charges Rs. 500 per bill + Other Bank Charges + GST
Postal Charges will be extra.
 6.4  L.C. Commission  
   For Deposit Margin 25%  3 % + GST
   For Deposit Margin 50 %  2 % + GST
   For Deposit Margin 100%  1 % + GST
   In case of Inland LC or Forign LC of other bank = Other Bank commission + min. 0.50% commission of our bank + GST
   For Deposit Margin 25% 50% of loan processing + GST (3% commission + GST)
   For Deposit Margin 50 % 25% of loan processing + GST (2% commission + GST)
   For Deposit Margin 100% 10% of loan processing + GST (1% commission + GST)
7 Bill Discounting  
7.1 Document Handling Charges Rs. 2,500/- + GST per bill
7.2 Overdue Interest Overdue interest will be charged at 2% p.a. If the bill is not paid on due date. This is applicable to Demand / Usance Bills negotiated under LC Opened by the Branch
8 Solvency Certificate
1) 0.25 % + GST of the Certificate Amount maximum Rs.5,000/- Per copy + GST. For Extra Copy Rs. 500/- + GST ** For Capacity Certificate issued for educational purpose – Rs. 1,000/- per copy + GST. Rs. 100/- + GST for extra copy.
2) For Non Borrower 0.50% + GST of the Certificate Amount maximum Rs.25,000/- + GST. For Extra Copy Rs. 1000/- + GST
9 Prepayment charges
1) No prepayment charges for Paper security / Gold Loan / Housing Loan.
2) For Take over Loan = 1.50% on Debit Balance + GST
3) Loan repaid before completion of half sanctioned period = 0.75% + GST
4) Other cases = 2% of debit balance + GST (Maximum Rs.20 lakhs + GST)
10 If any loan proposal for Rs. 50\- Lacs & above is get rejected, due to any reason 0.05% of Proposal Amount and Maximum Rs. 10,000/
11 Charges for copy of loan documents. On written demand xerox / typed certified copy of the document will be provided. Charges Rs. 10/- per page
12 Legal Charges All expenses towards Property Title search report / legal opinion / all types of registrations etc. are to be paid by applicant.
13 Insurance Customer should buy Comprehensive Insurance Policy on total value of any movable / immovable asset which is a Primary security or Collateral security.
Such policy should be assigned in the name of bank. If the customer fails to do so, bank will buy Comprehensive Insurance Policy (without any legal responsibility ) and premium of said policy will be charged to Loan or CC account.
14 Stamp Dut Stamp duty for all loan documents will be applicable according to provisions in the Stamp Act
15 CERSAI Charge To register charge on all securities with CERSAI Rs. 200/- up to Rs. 5 Lacs & Rs. 400/- above 5 lacs.
In case of equitable mortgage additional charges for Notice of Intimation, Filing Fees and Document Handling Fee will be applicable as per Government Rules.
16 Valuation Charges As and when required, valuer from the panel of bank will valuate the asset. The charges to borne by the customer. In case of paper security like LIC / NSC etc applicable charges will be paid by customer.
In case the value of asset is more than 10 crores the same will be valuated by two valuers. Expenses of both valuers to be borne by customer. Charges for preparation of Feasibility Report (if required) to be borne by customer.
17 Changes in sanction letter
If customer requests in writing to change any matter in sanction letter = Rs. 2000/- + GST for each change
For Extension in DCCO = Rs. 2000/- + GST
18 Rate of Interest Bank holds the right to change the rate of interest without any Prior notice.
When the rate of interest is changed installment amount and or number of installments will change. Customer will have to pay such interest or installment.
19 TOD/ Penal Interest / Charges
If the Installment / Interest is not paid in time, addition penal interest will be charged @2%. In Such cases Notice Charges are also applicable.
In case of TOD, Adhoc = Additional interest 3%.
Delay in submission of stock statement = 1% additional charges
If DP is less than sanction limit = 1% additional charges
Non compliance of conditions in sanction letter = 1% additional charges
20  Credit Information Company charges (eg. CIBIL, Crif, Equifax)
Personal Report – Rs.150 + GST
Commercial Report – Rs.1400 + GST
21 Rights of the Bank Bank holds the right to Accept or Reject any Loan Proposal. Bank holds the rights to Add/Change/Modify/Delete any charges, fees, expenses, interest Rates, Terms & Conditions without any prior notice. There will be no rebate in any charges mentioned in the accompanying loan with the Interest Subsidy Granted.
22 Jurisdiction This Charges are subject to Pune Jurisdiction Only.
*** The Above charges are subject to Revision in Service Tax / GST or any other Act being in force.